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Illustration: www.walternewton.comLoaf originated in 2009 as a community supported bakery run out of director, Tom Baker’s home, baking weekly for subscribers. We expanded into our high street bakery in Stirchley in September 2012 – and now there is bread available for all! Visit our About Page to find out more.

Loaf is proud to bring Real Bread* back to Stirchley. We make beautiful wholesome bread slowly, with passion and care, without artificial additives. We specialise in sourdough (rye and wheat) and other artisan breads such as focaccia and baguettes, but you’ll also find great white and wholemeal loaves in our bakery every Tuesday – Saturday. Visit our on-site bakery and watch the magic happen.

*Real Bread is made with natural ingredients and does not contain processing aids or artificial additives, often added to industrial and supermarket loaves (more info below).


Tuesday – Friday: 12 pm – 6.30pm

Tuesday – Friday: Takeaway lunches from 12noon

Saturday: 8.15am – 1pm


Market Stalls – Bread & Cakes

LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH – Queen Elizabeth Hospital Farmers Market, Selly Oak (Main entrance), 8.30am – 3pm.

FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH – Stirchley Community Market, 3 – 7pm





The Loaf loyalty Card

A thank you to our Stirchley regulars – Since our shop opening on Pershore Road we’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support of local people buying our bread. So we’d like to reward our regular customers with our new Loaf Loyalty Card, to enable you to collect ‘loaf’ stamps and redeem a free loaf of bread!

You’ll get your last loaf in a baker’s dozen on us

when you buy 12 loaves, you’ll get the 13th free!*

Ask at the till. *Subject to terms and conditions – details on the card.

Loaf Loyalty Card


Loaf's Real Bread Manifesto



What is a Community Supported Bakery anyway?

The idea is simple, and it’s borrowed from the American community supported agriculture (CSA) model. Each month you ’subscribe’ to a farm (or in this case, a bakery), giving a set amount of money upfront. Because of your monthly investment and commitment to the farm (bakery), the farmer (baker) has a guaranteed income and so can invest in equipment, tools, supplies, labour etc, in order to repay your investment with an agreed amount of produce every week. The farmer (baker) gets some security and a leg-up in surviving against the industrial food system, and you get wholesome produce, produced responsibly and sustainably, at a fair price. In this case, there will also be less wastage, as the baker knows exactly how many loaves he needs to bake.


Innovative Bread Collaborations

Since our high street opening in September 2012 Loaf has been involved in some inspiring and innovative food collaborations, from baking Art Bread with Eastside Projects, to Beer Bread with Stirchley Wines and Spirits and Brewdog Birmingham using a range of their selected bottled beers. Our most recent collaboration has taken Tom even further afield, to combine wild food with Real Bread at Taste the Wild.

Art Bread with Eastside Projects

Art Bread with Eastside Projects

Art Bread

Art Bread


B30 Rye


Waste Not

We sell out of bread on most days, but on the occasions (rain and snow!) when we have leftovers we team up with The Big Issue, Sifa Fireside and other charities in Birmingham who make sure it is distributed to local people who need it.


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