Eat My Shorts – Film night in the bakery this Thursday!

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We’re proud to be teaming up with Stirchley Happenings to present a programme of short films in the Bakery, from 8pm on Thursday 12th June.

Tickets cost £10/£8, and will include a selection of filmic food from the Loaf kitchen, so it’ll be a good idea to come with an empty stomach. The shorts will culminate with Charlie Chaplin’s ever-hungry Little Tramp in ‘The Immigrant’, via archive Brummie footage, a singing fish, and a talking ham sandwich, with drinks available at the event courtesy of the ever-brilliant Stirchley Wines.

Tickets are on sale here.

Meet the Producer event at Loaf, Sat 21st June, 5pm.

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We’re really pleased to be hosting a ‘meet the producer’ event here at Loaf on Saturday the 21st June at 5pm. We’ll be welcoming representatives from Terra CSA from Spain. Terra CSA is a ‘beyond organic’ multi-farm project in Catalunya, Spain, building soil through permaculture, holistic management and regenerative agriculture techniques. Producing extra virgin olive oil, almonds, and wine, and selling direct to cropsharers in the UK. It has been spearheaded by Dan and Johanna  McTiernan who founded the Handmade Bakery in Yorkshire, from whom we’ve nicked most of our good ideas over the years! See the flyer below and come and taste their almonds, olives, and red wine for free!

Terra CSA event

Seasonal Cookery Courses for Summer!

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With the weather slowly improving (I think) we have some wonderful courses coming up, taking advantage of ingredients we have missed in the winter.

Crab clawsWe are really excited about our Seafood Two: Shellfish course, which is coming up on 1st July. Shellfish comes into season in the early summer and our tutor Lap-fai Lee (now in the kitchen at Peel & Stone) will show you how to select the freshest produce and how to transform it into a delicious feast. Shellfish can appear intimidating to cook but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get more tasty. Lap’s expertise will guide you through the trickier aspects of shellfish prep like dealing with crab and lobster but you will also learn how to cook simpler dishes with razor clams, how to shuck oysters and perfectly grill squid. You’ll be able to impress your friends and family at home with your new skills. You’ll do a lot of eating on the night too, it isn’t all hard work! Places cost £75 per person and the course runs from 6.30 – 9.30pm. We also run a Fish course if you want to cover the whole Seafood spectrum! Places are available on that course on 17th June and 13th August.

Lunches this week

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Ham and cheese croissant served Tues-Thurs, plus:

Tuesday 27th May: Tarka daal with sourdough.

Wednesday: Roasted carrot and coriander soup served with real bread.

Thursday: Pitta! Slaw, humous, and chilli sauce with either lemon and mint chicken or falafel.

Friday: Stone-baked sourdough pizza: whaddayawant??


Pop Up Dosa lunch at Ort Cafe this Saturday, 12-3pm

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Dosa WorkshopWe’re loving doing lunches for you on weekdays here at the newly refurbished shop – it’s fun spreading our culinary wings a bit and the feedback has been great so far. However We also love promoting our friends and I want to make you aware of a great event happening this Saturday at the wonderful Ort Cafe in Balsall Heath. Pup-Up Dosa’s Haseen  (who teaches our How to Make: Dosa course), is doing a Dosa lunch at Ort on Saturday 24th May from 12-3pm. It’s sure to be a great way to start your bank holiday weekend and you’ll be full with wonderful food for only £7. Many more details on Ort’s website:


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Last week, late afternoon on Wednesday, I (Sarah) made soup for the first time.  I didn’t know making soup was so easy, otherwise I would have made some much sooner.  Anyway, for my first soup, I followed (sort of) a recipe for a Pea and Rocket soup.  When it was made, I tasted it, and thought it was pretty delicious.  I put it in the fridge ready for Thursday’s lunch.

At approximately 11.45am, I put the soup into the soup kettle after heating it up.  Put it on the table next to the till, ready for the day.  At 11.55am, I ran out to grab something from the back room, heard a noise, ran back into the shop to find the soup was now covering the floor as far as my eyes could see.  I didn’t know i’d made so much soup.

Standing in the soup, was a member off staff – who will remain unnamed – who tells me this was an accident.  They had knocked it over with the peel, while turning round after putting bread on the shelf.

They were very sorry.
Not as sorry as I was.

All this to say, I am going to make the soup again this week.  I will watch over it, and guard it with my life.

Please come and try it on Wednesday if you get a chance, and if you like pea soup.



P.s – We are still deciding on what pizza toppings for this week! We’ll update when we know!  And if you have any ideas, please leave us a comment and tell us.



Stirchley Market at Loaf on Thursday

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We’re proud to be hosting the third mini version of Stirchley Community Market at Loaf this Thursday, 15th May. We’ll be selling the usual range of great real bread in the shop as well as hot pasties from the bakery oven – traditional, veggie, and the classic ‘Pas-Thai’.

There’s a great range of stallholders coming down too who will be dispersed throughout the cookery school and dining room spaces. Come and check out:

Re-loved (handmade & upcycled bags and clothes)

Cuffufle (locally produced preserves, cordials, mustards & more)

Anawim (crafts from a women’s charity in Balsall Heath)

Pip’s Hot Sauce (‘devilishly spicy chilli sauces’)

Happy House (handmade keepsake boxes and crafts)

Vegetropolis (organic and unusual vegetables)

Stirchley Happenings (local arts group)

Kneals Chocolate (quality, locally produced handmade chocolates)

It’s on from 3-7 on Thursday 15th May.

We’ll be doing lunches in the shop from 12 too if you fancy coming down early. Pea, pesto and rocket soup or ham and cheese croissants.

Hope to see you there!


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Week 3 – and we’re getting the hang of this lunch malarkey.  You want daal on Tuesday’s and you want pizza on Fridays.  You love a soup and you love a sandwich.  So everyday this week, is for you.  We’re open from 12noon-6.30pm Tuesday – Friday, and Saturdays 8.15am-1pm.  Tea and Coffee, cold drinks are served too!



We’ll see you for lunch!



Lunches this week

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Coming up this week we have…

Tuesday: Tarka daal with sourdough (back by popular demand!) (vegan)

Wednesday: Chickpea, parsley, and feta salad with focaccia (vegan option)

Thursday: Sandwiches! Roast beef, rocket, and horseradish mayo, or brie, apple and walnut butter.

Friday: Pizza! Lamb ‘chorizo’, wild garlic and mozarella or roasted squash, red onion and Shropshire blue.

And of course we’ll have the popular ham and cheese croissants Tues-Thurs and Saturday morning too.

See you in the shop! Tom.

Lunch today!

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Today’s lunch, roast pork and apple sandwiches or papa pomodoro soup!